An earthquake strikes!

The decisions you make in the next few minutes will impact the safety of the people in your care, the continuity of your business and the operation of your building.  Sentinel ensures you make the right call.

Stay or evacuate - an evidenced-based decision

Sentinel measures the actual earthquake shaking at your building.  Know what decision to make to protect your people and your business. Get notifications on your building’s status and your immediate course of action directly to your phone.  When the uncertainty and panic sets in, reach for Sentinel to make a clear, calm, focused decision.

Download the Sentinel app and talk to us about subscriptions for your building or workplace.

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Sentinel and GeoNet

A look at two of New Zealand’s earthquake monitoring providers

Christchurch Airport

Learn how Sentinel helps Christchurch Airport keep the skies open during seismic activity

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How prepared is your business for an earthquake?

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