When you need to be sure

When an earthquake happens, big decisions have to be made quickly about people and property.

Sentinel is the technology that ensures you make the right call.


Latest Sentinel ground shaking information

Initial coverage areas are concentrated in Canterbury and Wellington regions.

Earthquake Response &
Resilience as a service

In an earthquake, you need to make smart, fast decisions about your people and property. Sentinel alerts you instantly to your building’s status, sending directly to offices, sites, assets, Alerters, smartphones, and computers.

No installation. No maintenance.  No building owner permission. No hassle.  No up-front cost.  No delay.

Available now.


NZ-wide use through 10 years of major earthquakes.


Sentinel delivers information specific to each organisation, each building, each location and each person.


Sentinel calculates shaking effects in seconds and alerts you instantly.

What is Sentinel?

When you’re responsible

Are you responsible for your people’s safety and your organisation’s continuity? Sentinel provides information specific to your building when you really need it, in whatever format you need. Based on 10 years of work in the field by Canterbury Seismic Instruments, the Sentinel service is ready and waiting to provide the assurance you need.

Some of our customers

We are breaking new ground in establishing such a dense network of seismic monitoring in an urban environment. It is going to change the Christchurch narrative from one of seismic risk to one of seismic resilience.   What we learned from the Canterbury earthquakes is that there is huge variability in the ground shaking experienced. Proximity to the source of the quake, the direction of the ground shaking and local ground conditions causes significant variability in ground shaking across the city. Our initiative with CSI has created an affordable model that encourages uptake by public agencies and commercial users alike.  The benefits that we’ll gain, in terms of minimising disruption after an event, protecting our buildings and people, and building our resilience, are huge.

Teresa McCallum

Smart Christchurch

It is extremely important to our customers and the wider business and social communities for us to safely recommence operations as quickly as possible, but we don't do that until we've got a really good understanding of what the size of the event was and what it means for our different assets. Access to time history data that we and our advisers can use as inputs into structural and geotechnical models is critical to this process.

Neil McLennan

Lyttelton Port Company Limited

An educated decision rather than an emotional response.

Neville Smith

Ngai Tahu Property Ltd

They're really easy to deal with, they explained the whole process all the way through and actually specified the system that works really well for our unique establishment.

Dave Royer

Westpac Stadium

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