About Us

Sentinel is a service of Canterbury Seismic Instruments (CSI).   

Sentinel empowers city authorities, building owners, tenants, first responders and the general public to best manage their response to earthquakes. It dramatically increases the quantity, quality and relevance of information about the physical state of their buildings and city in real time. Sentinel draws information from EQRNet, our network of earthquake ground-shaking accelerometers spread in a closely-spaced grid across a city.

Compared to others, Sentinel records shaking variability at unprecedented spatial density, street by street and building by building. Sentinel’s game-changing cloud-based processing system instantly compares pin-point shaking to every building’s design intent and NZ Building Code Limit States using best-practice spectral analysis techniques. Sentinel instant action messages send immediately to building decision-makers via SMS, email and a unique customer-centric app. City-wide summary data helps emergency management teams. A free Public Service lets every individual manage their own response.

Sentinel is a direct result of our experiences of living through the Christchurch, Seddon and Kaikoura earthquakes. Our “earthquake decade” showed evidence-based decisions improved safety, reduced business interruption and accelerated economic recovery. A key learning was the high value of precise and targeted information.

Sentinel makes possible local and tailored intervention, preventing another city-wide red-zone (Christchurch) or the protracted piecemeal discovery of dangerous damage in occupied buildings (Wellington).  We cannot stop or even predict earthquakes, but this is no reason for inaction. Sentinel’s earthquake resilience service is a key solution to deliver big improvements in understanding and managing earthquake effects on our cities and society.  We can and must do better.

World class expertise

Behind Sentinel is a world class team of technical experts and experienced business people.

Len Damiano

General Manager

I’m responsible for the day-to-day operational management of Sentinel and all other CSI operations. I have extensive commercial experience in technology ventures, with prior senior roles at Link Engine Management, Solid Energy NZ Ltd, and Whisper Tech Ltd. I have a Master of Engineering (Mechanical, with Distinction) and I’m certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute.

Dr Hamish Avery

Chief Technical Officer

I’m responsible for all technical strategy, development, delivery and performance activities. I created the original CSI technology platform and have been involved in its development ever since. For me, Sentinel is the realisation of a major personal goal, to provide real-time useful and practical earthquake information to everyone. I have a BSc (Physics), a BE (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic engineering, and a PhD in Civil Engineering.

Dr John Berrill

Director of Technology and Seismology

I’m the foundation director of the company having led the formation of CSI. I have led programmes in engineering seismology and hazard assessment for over 30 years, with extensive international experience in the US and Europe. I am a civil engineering graduate of the University of Canterbury, with an MS from Colorado and a doctorate in civil engineering from Caltech, specialising in strong-motion seismology.