Public Earthquake Information

Sentinel is an earthquake response and resilience app that provides instant alerts on the status of your specified location after an earthquake. 

Sentinel records shaking variability street-by-street, building-by-building. What affects one building may have a completely different impact on its neighbour, and Sentinel’s unprecedented spatial density captures this with pinpoint accuracy.

Latest Earthquakes in New Zealand

Shaking intensity. What does it mean?

Discover the Sentinel Earthquake App

Building Status

Your building status updated immediately following a quake (available to subscribers only)

Earthquake Summary

Access a quick summary view of recently recorded earthquakes, and measured ground shaking intensity maps for each event.

My Family and Friends

Add up to five specific locations, so you can instantly understand the effects an earthquake has had on your family and friends.

The Sentinel App is available free to all public users. Free access includes access to earthquake summary information, measured ground shaking intensity maps, and up to five user specified locations for family and friends. It does not include any subscribed commercial buildings, other specific property locations, or detailed ground response information for those locations.  Should you wish to subscribe to the full Sentinel service for a specific building, location or structure, please contact us here.